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Original Equipment; When a windshield is made, two pieces of glass are cut to shape and laid on a form with a .030 plastic laminate between the two pieces.  The form and glass are then passed as a unit through a furnace where the glass softens and bends to the shape of the form.  Original equipment manufacturers use forms designed to fit your car exactly.  After market manufacturers may make a form copying a purchased windshield.  Small variances creep in causing a poor fit.
Structural Strength; Windshields are thinner and stronger than ever before.  In fact, as hard as it is to believe, in many new cars the glass is an integral part of the roof support system.  The glass must be installed properly to insure rollover protection.  Air bags can save lives but they cannot protect you if the windshield pushes out when the air bag inflates.
Quality Urethane; Most urethane products do a fine job if they used properly with the correct primers.
Don't rush; For some reason is has become very popular to believe that faster is better.   This is definitely not so with windshield installations.  Many urethane windshield installations can and should take two hours or more!  After the old windshield is removed the area to receive the new windshield should be clean and dry.  Any scratches or bare spots on the pinchweld need to be primed to prevent future rusting.  This primer also needs to dry completely before the glass is installed.
Don't rush again; After the windshield installation is completed the vehicle should not be driven for several hours.  Urethane cure rates are affected by heat and humidity.  The published standards use 70 degrees and 50% humidity as a benchmark for proper curing times.  As temperatures and humidity drop cure times lengthen.  Cure rates drop to near zero when the temperature drops below 40  degrees.
Danger; Please do not allow anyone to install your car's windshield outside or in an unheated garage if the temperature is below 40 degrees.


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