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Reasons not to have your windshield replaced at your location.

Cold weather can delay or even prevent proper curing and adhesion. Urethane adhesives cure times are calculated at 70degress and 50% humidity.  In the shop temperature and humidity can be held close to optimum conditions.
Sunlight causes urethane to break down.  If you look at your windshield you will usually see a silver band called a "Frit" around the outer edge of the glass this is to block direct sunlight from breaking down the urethane.  In the shop the urethane is not exposed to sunlight during installation. 
Storage Urethane should be stored at temperatures between 65 and 85degrees.  When left in trucks the adhesive is subject to temperatures from way below 0 to 120degrees plus.  Sometimes cycling up and down dozens of times as the truck is parked and allowed to heat up and cool down. 
Time Mobile installers are expected to complete all the jobs they are allotted.  If they fall behind or need extra help they have none.  They must cut corners or work on their own time to make up.  In the shop extra help is available when needed.
Primers The most likely place to cut corners and save time is to skip using primers.  If the mobile installer uses primers he must sit doing nothing until the primers dry.  In the shop installers can do other work while allowing the primers ample time to dry.
Comfort No one can do their best work when they are miserable.  Working in the rain, snow, heat, or cold will cause most anyone to rush to get back into the comfort of their truck. 
Lost parts When working in the shop if a part such as a screw or bolt is dropped it is easy to find on the clean concrete floor.  When working on site a dropped part is often lost in the grass or gravel.
Lost parts Mobile installers can not possible carry the large supply of misc. parts that are readily available in shop.  If they lose a screw in the driveway they are likely to leave the hole empty.  And you will find the screw in your tire at some latter date. 
Broken glass Broken glass that fall in your driveway stays in your driveway.
Equipment Most mobile installers have only hand tools.  In shop installers use powerful vacuums for clean up and air power tools for safe removal and installation of glass. 
Supervision Mobile installers have no one to check their work and catch errors or correct bad work habits.
Reference An installer on the road who runs into a problem has nowhere to turn.  In the shop we have reference books, computer access and most important other experienced installers to ask for help.



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