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It makes sense not to replace the whole windshield when the damage is slight.  Windshield repairs give you an economical alternative.  Repairs can keep cracks from running, reduce optical imperfections, and save you money.


Bull's-eye Chips

This type of break is one of the best candidates for the repair process.  The repair will usually improve the visual appearance leaving only a small hole in the center and is very unlikely to crack or spread

Combination Breaks

This type of break is also quite receptive to the repair procedure.  The repair should lighten the clam shell part of the break leaving a small hole in the center and light crack images.  The repair process seals out moisture and helps prevent spreading.

Star breaks

  This type of break does not greatly improve visually.  But the repair process seals out moisture and reduces the likelihood of spreading.


Because very little repair material can be injected into the small space in the crack very little visual improvement will be seen.  The repair procedure will seal out moisture but is unlikely to prevent the spread of the crack. 

The Repair process involves the injection of special adhesives into the damaged part of the glass.  The degree of success of each repair is a function of several variables.  The best results are obtained when the damage is recent, the point of impact is small, the cracks around the damaged area are small, and there is no moisture or other foreign matter in the damaged area.

If you are dissatisfied with the repair, All Seasons Glass Inc. will apply the cost of the repair to your purchase of a new windshield.  The new windshield must be purchased from All Seasons Glass Inc.  If your insurance company paid for the repair, any credit will be applied to the portion of the charges to be paid by the insurance company for the new windshield.

This right is not transferable and applies as long as you own the vehicle on which the repair was made.

Please Note; In some cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, and All Seasons Glass Inc. cannot be responsible for such damage.



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