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Window Glass; We make it easy to get the window glass you need simply stop in with your sizes and we will cut it while you wait.  And our "Guarantee" means that if the glass is the wrong size we will cut a new piece "no charge"  Simply bring back the original piece unbroken with your receipt.  Even if you made a mistake measuring we will cut it to fit or cut a new piece.

Window glass comes in two thickness'; standard  single strength (3/32") thick, or double strength (1/8") thick.  It is most commonly used in single pane wood windows as well as aluminum storm windows. Single Strength glass is also frequently used in picture frames.


Patterned Glass; We have a wide selection of patterned glass available 

for use in cabinets and hutches.


Curved Glass; We can replace the curved glass in curio cabinets.

Repairing wood window sash Click for instructions on how to repair a wood window.

Non-Glare Glass; Non-glare glass is an acid etched glass that creates tiny pores in the surface of the glass. Light striking the surface is diffused by these irregularities, reducing the apparent glare. The surface of non-glare glass has a matte-like finish. Non-glare glass is not recommend for shadow box or artwork with more than three mats, as there is optical distortion of the image

Conservation Glass; Museum and conservation professionals recommend UV blocking levels at a minimum of 97% filtration in the 300-380 nm range. Conservation glass has a coating that converts ultraviolet light waves into energy that is emitted in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Mirror: We stock both 1/8" and  1/4" mirror. 1/8 mirror is commonly used in frames where weight may be a factor. 1/4" mirror is the most common thickness for installations over mantels, vanities  and on walls.

Table Tops; are usually made of 1/4" glass with the edges sanded.  Orders for square or rectangular table tops can usually be ordered by phone.  Other shapes require that you make a pattern.

Tempered Glass; Tempered glass is used where extra strength, safety, or heat resistance is needed.  Tempered glass is cut to size then heat treated. Once it is heat treated it cannot be cut or changed in any way.  If tempered glass breaks it shatters into many small pieces most smaller than a dime, this reduces the risk of serious injury.  Some uses for tempered glass might be doors, counter tops, shelves, or fireplace enclosures (note; tempered glass will not withstand thermal shock such as a hot cinder resting directly on the glass.)

Pyroceram; . Unlike true glass, pyroceram is a transparent ceramic and offers continuous high temperature use without fear of destruction. It is also resistant to failure due to temperature variation. It is the ideal solution for many wood stoves and fireplaces where glass panels are less than 6 inches from the flames

Insulating units; Insulating units are made of two pieces of glass sealed with an air space between the glass.  If one piece of glass is broken  that single piece of glass cannot be replaced.  A new unit consisting of two pieces of glass with an air space must be ordered and installed.

Patio Doors;  Patio doors are generally insulating units made of tempered glass for safety sake.  If one piece is broken both pieces must be replaced as a unit.

Andersen Windows - We can replace the glass in most Andersen windows. If you would like to learn how to remove an  Andersen sash to bring it in for repair, Click Here.


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