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All Seasons Glass can custom cut a mirror to any size. We carry a wide variety of hardware for hanging mirrors of any size in any location. Let us install it for you, or we will be happy to supply you with the mirror and hardware, along with complete instructions so you can do it yourself.

Measuring for mirror installation over a vanity is usually quite simple.  The width of the vanity and a standard height of 36" allows easy viewing for all but the tallest people.  Larger mirrors can dramatically enhance a room.  Remember when measuring that mirrors larger than 6' may be difficult or impossible to maneuver up stairs or thru doors in hallways.

Cutouts and holes;  Cutouts for electrical outlets or lights will turn a simple do-it-yourself project into an expensive custom mirror installation.

 The mirror used for bathroom vanities and wall installations is 1/4" float glass mirror.  Mirror silver coatings are electroplated on the rear surface of the glass.  Care should be used when cleaning to keep the cleaning material from puddling along the bottom edge.  This can cause corrosion of the silver backing "black Edge".  To avoid this problem apply the cleaner to towel rather than directly to the glass.  


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